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Singing in the Coop

Sunday, June 26th, 2016


By: Peanut

Hey! Where are all the kids? Someone said that they were on vacation whatever that means but we have a blog to get started. So, guess I’ll do it until we can find them.

Did you know that we have four chicks living at the far end of the coop? They are cute and I’m sure we will all get along once they grow up and move in with us girls. Mama doesn’t know this, but they cry at night. Every noise scares them and they huddle together to protect each other. I get up and sit below their coop window and sing to them. It takes a while but they settle down and go to sleep.

Did you know that we chickens like being sung to? Really! It’s so soothing. Mama sings to us hens. We all fall asleep in her arms. When I was really sick a few weeks ago, she always held me for a long time and sang softly. I felt so safe and happy when she was taking care of me.

During the daytime, the chicks sing to each other while they bask in the warm sun. It is so sweet.  Maybe they will sing to me some time soon.



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