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Goldie: A Portrait by Michael

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Mostly Cloudy
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We’ve Moved to a New Garden and Coop

Monday, January 15th, 2018


By Sunshine and Rosey with Neena

Sunshine: Hello, it’s me–Sunshine!

Rosey: (jumping up and down) …and me, too–if you forgot my name–it’s Rosey. Did you miss us? I bet you did because we missed you too.

Sunshine: (Pecking Rosey) I know that I’m supposed to be the mother of the coop but I can’t help myself and I am always pecking the little hens.

Rosey: Well you better STOP because it hurts!

Sunshine: Back to the important stuff. We just moved to a new home.

Rosey: We are no longer in the Sunflower Sentry Garden but have moved to mama Barbara’s house. 

Sunshine: Mr. Natalio and his crew built us a new coop and enclosed play area nestled in some giant trees. It’s so beautiful!

Rosey: We are getting used to it. So come to our new garden any time.

Sunshine: Hay, and bring us some jelly donuts. They are our favorite treat.

Rosey: Bye, see you soon. Yah!!!

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