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Chickie poem

Monday, February 13th, 2017

    By Ellie, age 10

I smell the fresh air, 

I breathe in as much as a can. 

I am tired of my egg,

I want to experience and I want to live.

I want to eat. 

I want to run.

I feel the warm breeze on my beak.

I try to peck my way out as fast as I can.

I am free; I am free to waddle as far as my heart takes me, 

I am free to stuff my face with crunchy fresh lettuce, 

My life has just begun.

To the cutest little chickie—Rocket

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Rocket, the Awesome Chicken

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

  By: Addie, age 9

I am Rocket. Everybody calls me the awesome chicken; at least I think so. But enough about that. When Mama was putting us hens away, she could not find me because I was laying an egg in the corner of the coop. Mama opened the door and exclaimed, “There you are!” She realized that I was laying an egg and needed my privacy so she closed the door and left me alone. I gave her a delicious egg.

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Monday, February 6th, 2017

  By: Emily, age 9

I woke up this morning and it was very cold. I thought about going in to the garden and digging for sweet worms. I love to slurp them in my beak. I am the best worm finder—even better that Goldie—and she’s the queen. Sometimes Goldie shares her sweet worms with me.

Today, I am going to teach my sisters, Rocket and Rosie how to dig for worms.

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The Runaway Chicken

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

   By: Sophie, age 9

Chickens: Rocket, Rosie, Starlight and Goldie

Starlight: Hi Goldie

Goldie: Hi Starlight

 Starlight: Have you seen Rocket, Goldie?

Goldie: No, have you seen her?

Starlight: Where do you think she is?

Goldie: You check the coop and I will check the garden.

Starlight: Ok.

Narrator: Starlight darted off in one direction towards the coop and Goldie darted off in the other direction all around the garden. Starlight had checked the whole entire coop and Goldie had checked the whole entire garden and had only found a few of Rocket’s feathers

Goldie: Look, Starlight! The gate is open!

Starlight: Look over there. There’s Rocket she’s going down the hill.

Goldie: After her!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Starlight and Goldie followed Rocket all the way down to the creek and down to Schoonmaker Beach.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ms. Barbara came to let the chickens out of the coop but instead she found the gate wide open and all the chickens out. Worst of all, there were three chickens missing. Miss Barbara walked up the hill to Miss Siskin’s fourth and third grade class not bothering to close the gate because she was so worried about Rocket, Starlight and Goldie. She walked in, in the middle of history not even bothering to ask Miss Siskin if she could interrupt the lesson and she said …

Miss Barbara: Rocket, Starlight and Goldie are missing! We have to search for them! I will take a group down to the creek. Miss Siskin, can you look around campus and alert ever person you see. Miss Mayes, will you make posters?

Miss Siskin and Miss Mayes together: OK

Narrator: 3 pm came and went; then 4 pm. Miss Barbara’s group came back to school. Miss Siskin and Miss Mayes’ group had already gotten dismissed. The people that went to After School went to After School and the people that went home went home.

Mr. Noah: Today in After School we will take a field trip to Schoonmaker Beach.
After School kid: Ok.

A few of the Siskinites noticed a few colorful birds as soon as they were let out onto the beach the Siskinites ran to one side of the beach and found Rocket, Starlight and Goldie.

Narrator: As they walked down to Schoonmaker Beach the Siskinites looked for Starlight, Rocket and Goldie. As they got to Schoonmaker Beach, one

Siskinite 1: We found them!!!!!

Siskinite 2: When are we going to leave, Mr. Noah?

 Siskinite 3: Because we need to return these chickens to school.

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