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Queen Goldie has passed-away

Monday, December 18th, 2017

By Sunshine, Starlight, Rocket and Rosie

Sunshine: We have some very sad news. Goldie, the Queen of the Coop, our special mama and protector got very sick and passed away. We are all so upset and miss her vey much.

Rocket: I am so sad. It just isn’t the same without her.

Rosey: I keep waiting for her to waddle down the ramp and give me a morning nudge. She was also so kind to us chicks.

Starlight: Mama Barbara told us she got pneumonia and tried very hard to get well but was just too old. Did you know that she was seven?

Rocket: Before she died, Goldie worried about us chicks because Sunshine likes to peck us. She made her promise to be our new mama and watch out for us as a special favor to her.

Rosey: Truth is, Sunshine is trying not to peck but she can’t help herself. She just has to peck as we walk by. When Mama Barbara catches her, she reminds Sunshine to be good–and that Goldie is watching.

Sunshine: I am trying, really. Promise.


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